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Try Muslim/Punjabi - PUNK ROCK
Baley Baley

I'm the vocalist for the American Punjabi/Bollywood Punk band, The Kominas.
we're all desi and are trying to meet more brown kids like us...

Oi! Oi! Oi!
Here's our site with a new song PAR DESI (done in a studio for once):

or simply: http://www.myspace.com/thekominas

The song is about how I got jumped by crazy straight edge hoodlums in Boston, who left me with a dislocated shoulder... wishing I was in Pakistan. Straight Edge kids in Boston are like the Jamat-e-Islam in Pakistan

Here are the lyrics:
Of feedback I've had my fill
Within a room lodged in a wall
Somewhere in central square
where men smash 6 stringed idols

Where do I point to blame,
when men scatter like moths?
There's no time for 99 names
Midst the noise and clamour

How'd I get here,
from a land with long monsoons?
In Lahore it's raining water
In Boston it rains boots.

They tried to snuff me out
But they only fueled the flame
Boots crushing my shoulders
where Angels chose not too remain

Ab Siraf Yadeh
Mein Rehti mera Des

(Translation: My homeland only exists in Memory)
feel free to add me on LJ or us on My Space :)

~ Basim
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