phoenecia (phoenecia) wrote in ethnography_usa,

Welcome to ethnography_USA!

Okay, cool. Welcome to ethnography_usa. In the interest of enlightened speculation, I should probably start off by listing a number of interests I initially listed for this community that were not highlighted when I saved them (denoting that nobody else on Livejournal has listed these as an interest):

angry white men
any means necessary
baseball fans
buckskin curtain
Cuban Americans
equality feminism
Iranian Americans
lo crew
Nader phenomenon
New Englanders
Preppie Handbook
Reagan democrats
Saturn owners
sensitivity training
symptomatic meaning
tribal sovereignty
tsoya bean culture

Obviously a lot of these terms are leftovers from the 70's and 80's (I am dying to find anyone who admits to being a Reagan democrat), so noboby's going to list them. "Buckskin curtain" was asking a bit too much, when "Russell Means", "Indian Country", "American Indian Movement" and "Sherman Alexie" were all present, so I'm letting that go, too. Cornellians I suspect do not use Livejournal since they are all communicating via alumni email. "Iranian Americans" was solved by "Iranians", and Cuban Americans was sort of solved by "cubanismo". I suppose hyphens would have solved either of these problems just as well. By "Lo crew" I mean the nearly intractable streeet gang from Brownsville, Brooklyn. "New Englanders" was disappointing, since I, a Midwesterner, am fascinated by them. "Parochialism" was natch, few people who know that word realize that it applies to them. Anybody else want to take a crack at any of these?
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